A family alleged their 8-year-old biracial son was hanged by teenagers in New Hampshire Aug. 28 because of his race. The teens reportedly shouted racial epithets and attacked him with projectiles. The boy’s uncle, Lyrik Merlin, posted pictures of his nephew’s neck lacerations, which some people on the internet referred to as a "lynching."

The teens stood on top of a picnic table and tied a rope from a nearby swing around the boy’s neck, the Valley News reported Sept. 5. The boy flailed his arms and freed himself. 

The incident sparked national uproar over what many called, specifically on social media, a hate crime. Over the past few weeks, family members and activists scoffed over the lack of information that New Hampshire police provided about the case. Claremont police cited confidentiality laws for the protection of the minors involved.

Over 100 people assembled at the Claremont park Tuesday and supported the boy’s family, the Boston Globe reported. Many took to Twitter and shared their feelings regarding the incident.

"Those kids that hung that 8-year-old kid deserve life in prison. That was attempted murder and a hate crime,” one user wrote.

No adults were present during the incident, according to the Valley News, so what transpired in the backyard on Aug. 28 was mostly recounted by the boy’s grandmother, Lorrie Slattery. Her version of the story was provided by her 11-year-old granddaughter. She was apparently in the backyard during the incident and confided in her mother, Casandra Merlin, shortly after.

"The (teenagers) said, ‘Look at this,’ supposedly putting the rope around their necks," Slattery told the Valley News. "One boy said to (her grandson), ‘Let’s do this,’ and then pushed him off the picnic table and hung him."

"If it was an accident, that boy or anybody there wouldn’t have left him, I believe it was intentional."

A statement issued by the Claremont police Tuesday said the boy was treated and discharged from the hospital for injuries that stemmed from "this incident."

"Claremont police detectives assigned to this case are taking all steps possible to investigate the incident," Chief Mark Chase said in the release. "The investigation principally revolves around the conduct of people who are 14 years of age or younger."

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) also issued a statement on Tuesday in which he called for state officials to aid the Claremont police.

"It is my expectation that local and state authorities will investigate appropriately and I’ve asked for regular updates on how things are proceeding. Hatred and bigotry will not be tolerated in New Hampshire," the statement read.

Slattery said her grandson was recovering from injuries and he attended his first day of school on Tuesday, however, she said she was concerned about her grandson’s mental health.

"He won’t speak about the incident or express his emotions," Slattery said. "I do believe he does not want to believe that he was being hurt purposefully. That is the kind of kid he is."