Almost as quickly as excitement mounted about a surprise director on “Hannibal” Season 3, it has been dashed. It turns out that famed horror director Guillermo del Toro will not in fact direct any episodes this season, despite earlier reports.

According to an article from Collider (which has since been updated) the “Pan’s Labyrinth,” “Pacific Rim” and “Hellboy” director’s name came up under the director title of the last three episodes of the show's third season. “Hannibal” is NBC’s hit drama based on the novels by Thomas Harris. They were eventually turned into a very popular film franchise starting with “Silence of the Lambs.”

Fashion and Style dug a little deeper and found that the rumors were sparked by del Toro's name being listed as the director for three of the show's episodes in an April newsletter for the company De Laurentiis, which is affiliated with the series. Turns out, it was all a big accident. The director’s assistant has since tweeted confirmation that the rumors were false.

The company released an apology message on its Facebook page soon after:

“OUR MISTAKE! We are sorry and disappointed to confirm that the information concerning Guillermo del Toro directing an episode in Hannibal Season 3 is incorrect. The inaccurate information was the result of a miscommunication in the process of editing our April newsletter. We take full responsibility for the error, and extend our most sincere apologies.We are sorry to have disappointed anyone. Whereas we would love to have Guillermo del Toro direct an episode, his schedule simply did not allow for that this season. Again, our most sincere apologies."

Accidents happen and that’s fine, however, what’s interesting here is the knowledge that del Toro’s schedule wouldn’t allow him to direct an episode. Does that mean that he was approached and that the stars could align perhaps in Season 4 for the famed mastermind to helm an episode or two?

If del Toro does sign on to direct future episodes of "Hannibal" it would come as no surprise since the show's dark and ominous visual scenes are exactly the kind of stunning set pieces he is known for. With the premiere date of the popular drama announced, only time will tell if the acclaimed filmmaker will step in at some point in the future to direct.