Celebrities have continued to grab our attention this year-- some with uninformed melodramatic tweets and others with wit and groundbreaking news-- needless to say many of them have been entertaining. Here's a look back at some of the funniest tweets of 2011, ahead of the New Year.

-Dr. Ruth. Westheimer: @askdrrush

And please people, don't do anything silly like going outside during hurricane to have sex. Tell your friends you did it, but don't do it.

-Michael Ian Black: @michaelianblack

Ok New York, you've legalized gay marriage. Can you pls outlaw everyone peeing all over everything.

-Ricky Jervais: @rickygervais

to protect Warwick from scary mice, me and Johhny Depp put him safely in the toilet. Anyting for a friend.

-George Takei: @georgetakei

Tomorrow I'm going to violate Leviticus by wearing a cotton/polyester blend #cherrypickingsins.

-Alyssa Milano: @alyssa_milano

BREAKING NEWS: The President of the United States of America was born in the United States of Amierca.

-Steve Martin- @stevemartintogo

@alecbaldwin now we can get married!

-Alec Baldwin-@alecbalwin

@stevemartinonthego Ok but if you play that effing bongo after eleven O'clock

-Cher: @cher

Don't know how to use utube

-Bette Midler: @bettemidler

I'm not sure @ladygaga know that I performed my mermaid in a wheelchair to millions of people -and many of them are still alive....

-Adam Levine: @adamlevine

Dear Fox News, don't play out music on your evil f-king channel ever again. Thank you