We all know technology is advancing faster and faster, and every year, microchips get smaller and computers get more powerful. But for consumer electronics, there are more specific trends we see than just faster and cheaper.

While we aren't at the stage where everything has a microchip in it, we are no doubt a little closer than we were a year ago. As our mobile phones become more and more like pocket computers, our desire to use them to interact with more things only increases. That's why mobility is the number one gadget trend for 2012.

We're no longer content to haul our laptops around with us because tablet computers are lighter and smaller. Depending on what you do with it, a smartphone alone will work for some, and they go without laptops entirely.

Another big trend is one that is completely unintentional, and that is the effect smartphones are having on sales of digital cameras. More people are forgoing the camera entirely and relying only on their phones for pictures. No one really intended for that to happen because traditionally, phones didn't compete with cameras, but the fact they do now is a huge trend. Start the slideshow to see the top 10 gadget trends for 2012.

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