British musician Morrissey, a renowned vegetarian and contrarian with a gift for controversy, has struck again. He penned an open letter to U.S. President Barack Obama blaming him for the “torture” and killing of millions of turkeys for Thanksgiving,

Here is the text of Morrissey’s missive:*

Please ignore the abysmal example set by President Obama who, in the name of Thanksgiving, supports torture as 45 million birds are horrifically abused; dragged through electrified stun-baths, and then have their throats slit. And President Obama laughs. Haha, so funny! As Ingrid Newkirk from PETA [People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals] points out, turkey 'meat' is one of "our nation's top killers", causing heart-attacks and strokes in humans due to saturated animal fats and cholesterol. And President Obama laughs. Further, the meat industry is responsible for 51 percent of human-caused greenhouse-gas emission, therefore the embarrassingly stupid White House 'turkey pardon' is open support for a viciously cruel and environmentally irresponsible industry. And President Obama laughs.