Heavyweight boxer Audley Harrison has announced his decision to continue boxing after being shrouded in criticism following his abysmal performance against David Haye.

Harrison managed only one punch on Haye before being stopped in the third round on his WBA world heavyweight title challenge in Manchester on November the 13th. His performance had raised speculation that he was considering retirement.

He has chosen to continue, however, as he said in a statement - After spending some time away reflecting on the fight and outcome, I have made the decision to continue my journey in boxing and carry on my career as a professional.

The outcry from the fight is expected as I didn't get the result I wanted and the critics have once again tried to bury me under the rubble and hope I disappear.

All I can say is I had a game-plan and went into the ring to win. The way the fight ended was frustrating to me as I didn't get going and was just settling into my rhythm.

I'll never be crash-bang-wallop and I'm glad about that; my style is unique but can run into problems like all styles can and I got caught by a good set of punches to go down.

I give David credit as I never expected him to hurt me as he did, but anyone could see it was a premature stoppage and I should have been allowed to carry on and ride out the rough patch, even if that meant I would have got KO'd.

He added, I was denied the opportunity to show my grit, determination and desire to be in there and compete and try to get back on level terms. Let the haters and negative comments continue - I don't really care. I know me and I can sleep at night as I'm happy with who I am today.