Harrison Ford is back in action. Just three weeks after crash-landing his plane on a Los Angeles golf course, the actor has reportedly been released from the hospital and was recently seen driving around town.

A source tells People magazine that the 72-year-old film star was spotted in his car in L.A. on Saturday, less than a month after the engine failed on his vintage World War II plane, forcing him to make an emergency crash landing. Ford, an amateur pilot, used his skill and experience to turn the plane around as soon as he realized his engine was failing. Unfortunately, according a report from the National Transportation Safety Board, the “Indiana Jones” star clipped a tree and crash-landed not far from the airport he was aiming for.

"There was a lot of blood on his face and his body, and none of us had gloves to take care of this person. We were just doing our best to make sure he was all right," Dr. Sanjay Khurana, who happened to be golfing that day, told the New York Daily News of Ford's injuries. 

Reports from KTLA indicated that Ford suffered a laceration on his forehead as well as a broken pelvis and ankle. This sounds worse than it is given the state of the plane he was flying, as well as early photos of the actor’s battered body from the March 5 scene. Still, Ford is expected to make a full recovery.

News of his speedy recovery is likely music to the ears of his wife, Calista Flockhart, who had reportedly been spending as much time as she could by her husband’s bedside. For the past three weeks, she is said to have been dropping their 14-year-old adopted son Liam off at school each morning and then driving immediately to the hospital, bringing food and reading material to help her husband pass the time.

Ford should be back in shape in time to walk the red carpet at the premiere of his next movie, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” In it, he will reprise his role as Han Solo in the sequel to George Lucas’ 1970s trilogy. The film premieres in theaters Dec. 18.