Harry Harling, a 15-year-old British national living in Dubai, fell to his death on Saturday. He had just left a party where drinking allegedly took place, and was alone as he made his way to a building overlooking a construction site. There he fell from a balcony 11 stories off the ground.

Harling and his family moved to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, nine years ago. He was an 11th year student at Jumeirah College, where trauma counseling is now being offered to his friends and teachers.

Dubai policeman Khaleel Ibraheem Al Mansouri told The Mirror about ongoing investigations, which showed that Harling was attending a party with his friends in a flat in the same area and was consuming alcohol when a big dispute took place between them.

[Harling] left the party angrily and went to an empty building nearby, and jumped from a window on the 11th floor and died instantly. His friends said they didn't know what he was going to do. Investigations are ongoing to ascertain the reason behind the dispute which made the teenager end his life.

Moments before his death, Harling reportedly tweeted: F*** the system. His Twitter page has since been taken down.

On Wednesday, however, officials did not mention the possibility of suicide. Instead, they refused to share details of their investigation. We are not going to announce anything because the family does not want to, said Dubai police to The National.

The British Embassy in Dubai also released a statement on behalf of the Harling family, suggesting that not all the circumstances surrounding the teen's death have been discovered.

We are grateful for the support we have received already from many people but would like to ask all to respect our privacy as we learn more about the circumstances of Harry's death, grieve and come to terms with the loss of a wonderful son and brother, said the statement.

They said they would not be releasing any more information going forward.

Since the tragedy occurred, tributes to Harling have flooded his Facebook page and other online forums. Friends have praised his cute cheeky smile and called him a wonderful person.