Just when fans were getting excited about the possibility of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez getting back together, the “Good For You” singer has reportedly been seen kissing one of Bieber’s close friends and One Direction singer Niall Horan.

The kiss happened at the birthday bash of actress Jenna Dewan on Dec. 4, and Gomez and Horan were reportedly becoming more than platonic, a source told Us Weekly. “Niall and Selena were seen kissing in the middle of the club, in front of everyone,” the source, who reportedly saw the incident, said.

Another source told the magazine that the two spent the rest of the evening together.

“Niall and Selena definitely seemed very close and like they were together,” the source said, adding: “Niall got there first with his bodyguard, then the next thing I know, I looked over and Selena was there. They were very close together, talking and whispering.

“Selena and Niall left together,” the source also said, adding: “She grabbed his arm on the way out and held onto it.” 

Horan later also shared a picture on Twitter from Dewan’s party, where his hand rests on Gomez’s shoulder.

Both singers -- Gomez and Horan -- were first reportedly seen having dinner with friends on Nov. 23, prompting fans to speculate if there was something more than friendship going on between the two.

The latest development, if true, may come as bad news for the fans rooting for Bieber and Gomez to get back together since they saw Bieber and Gomez spending a quiet night at a restaurant together about two weeks ago. Bieber, 21, and Gomez, 23, were also seen cuddling at the restaurant, and Bieber even performed a song for her on the piano.

Horan, 22, was reportedly dating an Australian student Melissa Anne Whitelaw earlier this year, but reports in June said that they broke up. Horan also reportedly dated singer Ellie Goulding for a little while.