For Americans who hear Donald Trump’s signature tagline, “Make America Great Again,” and think he’ll probably do the opposite, there’s a new dating site made just for you. Maple Match, a site that looks to hook Yankees up with their neighbors to the north, is gaining steam.

“How did you two meet?” someone may one day ask you. “We can thank Donald Trump for that,” could be your earnest reply.

The website already has “immense traffic” and has seen a large number of signups in recent days, Joe Goldman, Maple Match CEO, told Time. The number of visitors to the site has pushed Maple Match to wait-list users, although it plans on matching people as soon as possible, Goldman said.

The site hopes to spark these long-distance romances before the November election, just in case Trump manages to win the White House.

“Maple Match started as a fun idea about Americans and Canadians connecting during the admittedly disturbing possibility of a Donald Trump presidency. However, over the past few days we have seen countless Americans and Canadians tell us about the frustration they've experienced with current dating platforms,” Goldman told Tech Times. “After more than 35,000 hits and more than 4,500 signups in just 4 days, we are confident that Maple Match will fulfill a clear need in the dating space.”

Jumping ship to Canada has been on the minds of some Americans for months as the GOP presidential hopeful has marched steadily toward the nomination. Following the March Super Tuesday contests — when Trump swept the conservative South and two Northern states — Google searches asking how to move to Canada surged by 350 percent.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Americans have considered heading north should their preferred candidate lose the race. It’s also not the first time tech entrepreneurs have thought to set up a forum to connect would-be American expats with Canadians. In 2004, just after former President George W. Bush was reelected to office, the website popped up to fill the void (it apparently hasn’t been updated since President Barack Obama took office in 2009).