Maybe it's the glaring parallels between the Clinton family's drama and the drama on the new summer drama "Political Animals" that has people looking for parallels between new stars and new dramas. Specifically there's speculation Juliette Barnes, a young country singer played by Hayden Panattiere on the upcoming ABC drama "Nashville" is a fictionalized version of real life country star Taylor Swift. Seeing Swift in a young blond musical superstar isn't that much of a stretch, and might not need contradiction if the character wasn't also described as "calculating." A major storyline of the show also features another country star played by "Friday Night Light's" Connie Britton, unconvinced of Barnes' talent.

Panattiere wants to put the Swift comparisons to rest, explaining "Aside from being around the same age and blond.. I think you guys need to see [Juliette] and get to know her. I really think Taylor would disagree wholeheartedly as well -- she's much nicer than my character." While it's common to suspect squeaky clean celebs are hiding a dark side (or a least a diva side) Swift's critics often focus on her seemingly endless innocence, not craftiness.

Even if Barnes doesn't remind Swift fans of their favorite star "Nashville" should appeal to country fans; the show will feature original songs sung by its stars."Nashville" will premiere for viewer's enjoyment (and scrutiny) on October 10th at 10p.m.