Hazel-E returned to VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” Monday night, and brought a bunch of drama with her. Hazel, who quit the reality TV series during Season 2, made a cameo on Season 3, episode 11 to catch up with her friend Teairra Mari, but to also address her beef with nemesis Masika Kalysha.

On Monday’s show, Hazel meets up with Teairra for drinks so her friend can tell her about the legal trouble she’s dealing with. Teairra has to go to court over an alleged fight she had with an Uber driver last year. Hazel gives Teairra some advice, and Teairra assures her BFF that everything is going to be fine because she has proof that she didn’t do anything wrong. The conversation then switches to Hazel’s feud with Masika. Hazel makes it clear that she’s not friends with Masika.

Meanwhile, Masika talks to Moniece Slaughter about her drama with Hazel. She explains to Moniece that the feud started again after Masika did an interview and said she didn’t know who Hazel was. Hazel responded by tweeting that Masika definitely knows who she is because Hazel recorded a song with Fetty Wap, whom Masika has a baby with. Masika fired back alleging that Hazel was lying and never recorded a track with Fetty Wap. Masika tells Moniece that she wants Hazel to apologize because she said Fetty Wap isn’t the father of her daughter.

Later in the episode, Masika and Hazel run into each other at a party and things turn nasty very quickly. When Hazel refuses to apologize, they start taking jabs at each other. After arguing back and forth, Masika turns to walk away and Hazel throws a drink on Masika. The two almost get into a fight but security rushes in to separate them.

Masika and Hazel weren’t the only ones feuding on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” Also during Monday’s episode, Lyrica’s mom Lyrica G tries to attack A1’s mom Pam. Security has to keep the two ladies from fighting and Lyrica breaks down in tears because the parents can’t get along. In the end, Pam and Lyrica G hug it out and tell each other that they’re going to put their differences aside for the sake of their children.

Moniece is also going through some issues on episode 11. She confronts her ex-boyfriend, a rapper named Phillip, about him leaking their sex tape to Jason Lee. Phillip denies leaking the tape, telling Moniece that he has two cell phones and he lost the one that had the X-rated video on it. He claims Jason found the phone and stumbled upon the sex tape as he was going through the cell phone trying to find who it belonged to. Moniece doesn’t believe him and demands that he turns over every copy of the tape to her lawyer. Phillip insists there’s only one copy of the tape, but Moniece doesn’t think he’s telling the truth and slaps him across the face. Security guards rush forward and make Moniece leave.

Another cast member having a tough time on the show is Teairra Mari. Teairra is worried about her case involving the Uber driver and tells Nikki Mudarris that there’s a chance she could be going to jail over it. When Teairra turns herself in, the judge locks her up. Teairra is behind bars for six hours before her friend pays the bail and she’s released. Teairra tells the camera during her confessional that she never wants to go to jail again.