Prices are falling and availability is rising for High-Definition Televisions (HDTVs), according to a report released Tuesday.

Market researcher iSuppli said that this year’s SuperBowl event is helping bring down prices of the cutting edge large screen TV's.

Consumers want the Super Bowl to be a special occasion for friends and family, observed Riddhi Patel, principal analyst, television systems, for iSuppli. For this special occasion, many consumers are willing to pay the price for new HDTVs.

This year, flat-panel and rear-projection HDTVs are cheaper and more available than previous years, Patel says, making them enticing to customers.

For example, the firm noted that 56-inch full high-definition televisions are averaging less than $2000, though they were $2360 in December. Popular 42-inch HD plasmas are selling for less than $1000, a full $800 less than a month ago.

The Super Bowl season is a key period for sales, coming in the seasonally weak first quarter. Television sales and shipments typically decline in the first quarter following the holiday season in the fourth quarter.