Blizzard announced that a new expansion for mobile card battler “Hearthstone” will be coming to the game Nov. 12, and it looks like the theme for it is adventure. Titled “The League of Explorers,” this expansion pack will have players exploring some interesting sights and teaming up with Brann Bronzebeard, who is a legendary treasure hunter in the game’s universe.

The expansion seems to be taking its inspiration from an “Indiana Jones” movie, as players uncover the pieces of the Staff of Origination, which is an ancient artifact that other explorers are also searching for. In order to best these other treasure hunters, “Hearthstone” players must do what they do best and beat them in a card game to progress.

Pocket Gamer has confirmed that there will be new cards for the player to win and new wings to do battle in for the “League of Explorers” expansion. This has usually been the case with these “Hearthstone” expansions, so fans will be pleased to see this tradition continue.

Additionally, completing all the challenges in a wing for the first time unlocks a legendary card. There will be a total of four legendary cards available in the “League of Explorers” expansion, all of which will be given to the player after all the challenges in the four wings are finished.

However, it seems like “League of Explorers” has been designed with more experienced gamers in mind. According to the game’s official website “The League of Explorers” will be available only to those who already own the game’s nine heroes, so fans who haven’t collected them all are out of luck, especially since the expansion will be available this week.

“The League of Explorers” also lets players dig up their own rewards, as the expansion introduces a new keyword called Discover. Players will be able to dig up multiple cards and decide which ones they will need for the challenges ahead.

“Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft” is available now on iOS and Android devices. The game is a free-to-play title that supports in-app purchases for those who want to get the best content without having to grind for it. 

The League of Explorers Cinematic Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Hearthstone)