Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson.

Model Heidi Klum has jumped on the Carl's Jr. bandwagon. The burger chain released a behind-the-scenes video early last week showing the “Project Runway” star portraying the iconic character of Mrs. Robinson from the film "The Graduate" in the chain’s latest ad for its newest product, the Jim Bean Bourbon Burger.

The 39-year-old joins the ranks of fellow celebrity beauties who have promoted the establishment in the past, including paparazzi favorite Kim Kardashian, “Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi and Sports Illustrated cover model Kate Upton.

“Have you ever been seduced by a burger before? After this commercial, you just might,” Klum said about the “Graduate” parody.

“What I love about the commercials is they’re super sexy, but they also have a lot of humor to them. My favorite part is always when this beautiful girl bites into this gigantic burger, and it has that sound effect of [makes a crunch noise],” said Klum, who admitted acting out the sensual scene in which she force-feeds a young boy a burger and licks sauce off her fingers was fun to play.

Creative Director Mick Dimaria said he was pleased with Klum’s recreation of the famous cinematic moment.

“We wanted someone who could do 'The Graduate' justice. It’s a movie from awhile ago, but we wanted to update it and amp it up, so Heidi Klum is just perfect for that,” Dimaria said. “The way she just manhandles that burger -- we couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Fans of the American burger chain are already sharing their opinions on employing the former Victoria's Secret model. Some are thrilled, while others slammed the company for oversexualizing their products.

“I love Carl’s Jr. commercials. All the sexiest women in the world are on them!” commenter Jeremy Huntrods said.

“More porn from a fast food site. Unbelievable that this Corp. just doesn’t get that food is NOT sexy,” said commenter Bobi Jo Davis.

Carl’s Jr. describes the new burger as a charbroiled beef patty with bacon, onion and pepper jack cheese topped with Jim Bean Bourdon sauce.

Creative Director Justin Hooper said the burger is for “mature taste buds only."