“Hell on Wheels” has made a habit in Season 4 of bringing in new faces to cause problems for its main characters. Earlier this season John Campbell  arrived in town to give Durant trouble and now it looks like Cullen Bohannon might have a new rival.

In a sneak preview video for next Saturday’s episode, “Life’s a Mystery,” an old Confederate soldier who know Bohannon pulls into town looking for work. Bohannon helps him get a job and, though the new guy, who says his name is Syd Snow, seems friendly, Bohannon does not seem to fully trust him.

Giving fans more reason to be wary of the new railroad worker, the synopsis for Episode 5 says a new stranger in town will put Bohannon’s family at risk, as well as stir up old feelings. Is Syd Snow not what he seems to be?

The next episode will have more questions to answer as well, with Campbell taking Mickey’s saloon in the last episode, Bohannon discovering the new train route with Indians right on his tail, and the Swede summoning none other than Brigham Young to confirm his false identity. Life in Cheyenne is a mystery indeed.

“Hell on Wheels” airs Saturday nights at 9 p.m. on AMC. “Life’s a Mystery” will premiere on Saturday, Aug. 30. Do you think Bohannon will be able to trust Syd Snow? Tweet your thoughts to @Ja9GarofaloTV.