Herman Cain just announced his candidacy for the 2012 presidency on the Republican ticket with strategic brilliance.

To win the Republican primaries, one needs to please two groups: the business community and the Christian right.

Cain already has arguably the best business credentials among Republican candidates (Mitt Romney is the other contender for the title). He turned an entire region of Burger King stores from the least profitable in the company to the most profitable. He also saved Godfather's Pizza from bankruptcy and returned it to profitability.

He also has the support of the military - another Republican stronghold - given his former involvement with the Navy and support for strong defense spending.

Now, he just needs the Christian right.

Fortunately for Cain, the field is wide open. Before, Mike Huckabee, a former Baptist preacher, had a lock on that group. Now that he's gone, Cain's got a chance.

Romney and Jon Huntsman, two other Republican candidates, face the reality that they're Mormons. Newt Gingrich is thrice married.

Cain, on the other hand, already gets points for his staunch anti-abortion stance. In his candidacy announcement, he pushed this advantage.

He said when the doctors told him he had stage four cancer, he got a second opinion from God and received complete healing.

Below are two more quotes from Cain targeted towards the Christian right.

- If we believe in God, if we believe in ourselves, and if we believe in the United States of America, then we can do great things.

- Let us remind the world that our rights do not come from a man, nor a committee, nor a Czar, but from our Creator.