A whole new cast, whole new drama -- that’s what audiences should anticipate from the NBC series “Heroes Reborn,” according to the show’s creator Tim Kring. During 2015 San Diego Comic-Con, Kring explained what would differentiate the upcoming installment of the sci-fi thriller from the original, four-season drama “Heroes,” which first premiere in 2006.

“The first ‘Heroes,’ everybody who had a superpower was hiding it secretly and nobody knew about it,” the showrunner explained during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “And now people are hiding them but the whole world knows about it. And so the idea is that the world has rejected anybody who has a power.”

Kring went on to say that those characters who sport supernatural abilities will be inclined to keep their powers hidden from the EVO-hating society. “You’re living in kind of a repressed scary place. So the show, ‘Heroes Reborn,’ has a slightly more cranked up, thriller quality to it,” Kring promised.

Zachary Levi, who plays Luke Collins on the series, bolstered the showrunner’s statement, adding that in addition to the "Heroes" spinoff being a bit more rousing, the upcoming installment will also be bloodier -- thanks to his and Judith Shekoni’s characters.

The duo will play a married couple on the forthcoming drama, and according to the “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” actress, the twosome are out for “vengeance.”

“We [Luke and Joanne] experience something that kind of send us off the rails. We lose our son in a terrible accident,” Levi stated. “And we believe it to be the fault of people with abilities and so we want to go and take care of those people and rid the plane of them because that’s the right thing to do, we believe. And then there’s a lot of blood on our hands.”

Although the cast has remained rather vague about who their characters are and what audiences can expect, Levi did share that his role on the show is “definitely a darker” one then his stint on the NBC comedy “Chuck.”

“I’m [a] more tortured type of person,” Levi added.

Fans will get to see just how tortured Levi’s character is when “Heroes Reborn” airs its series premiere on Thursday, Sept. 24, on NBC.