Heroes Reborn trailer
The "Heroes Reborn" panel at San Diego Comic-Con gave fans a brand new trailer. Pictured: "Heroes Reborn" producer Tim Kring, actors Jack Coleman, Zachary Levi and Ryan Guzman attend the panel on Sunday. Getty

“Heroes” fans have been excitedly waiting for “Heroes Reborn,” and fans at San Diego Comic-Con got a major treat when they saw the full length trailer on Sunday. Previously, only short teasers showing mostly new characters were released. The full three and a half minute video, however, shows plenty of familiar faces in NBC’s limited revival series.

Premiering in the fall, “Heroes Reborn” will pick up a few years after the original sci-fi series left off. In that time, people who developed powers have become hunted and a lot has changed. While the new series will be easy for unfamiliar viewers to jump into, the trailer shows plenty of awesome moments for fans of the original too. These are the moments that were most exciting for fans who watched the original from 2006-10.

1. Mohinder and Angela – The scientist’s (Sendhil Ramamurthy) experiments may have gotten him noticed by the wrong people (again). Mohinder's appears on the TV screen as an “EVO Terrorist” (EVO means evolved human). The real shock comes when Angela (Cristine Rose) approaches him. Is the Petrelli matriarch working with Mohinder?

2. Noah Gets His Glasses Back – Noah (Jack Coleman) seems to want to avoid the EVOs, but it seems like someone is trying to bring him back in. It looks like the Haitian (Jimmy Jean-Louis) even gives him his horn-rimmed glasses in a manila envelope.

3. Matt Returns – The telepath (Greg Grunberg) doesn’t seem to be hunted down like other EVOs. In fact, he kind of seems like he might be in a powerful position when he speaks to Noah.

4. Micah Grows Up – While it’s easy to recognize most characters as soon as they show up on screen, Micah (Noah Gray-Cabey) was just 13 years old when we last saw him on “Heroes.” Many audience members probably don’t recognize the now 19-year-old until he introduces himself. “I’m just another one of the hunted,” he says. “But you can call be Micah.”

Watch the “Heroes Reborn” trailer below:

“Heroes Reborn” Season 1 premieres Thursday, Sept. 24, at 8 p.m. EDT on NBC.