2011 may be known as the Year of the Tablet, but that hasn't stopped Hewitt-Packard from rolling out new personal computers.

Hewitt-Packard unveiled this morning the HP TouchSmart Consumer PC and 9300 Elite Business PC, the latest in its line of tablet PCs. The pair of PCs are the first from HP to feature a reclining display, allowing for 60-degrees of backward and 5-degrees of forward movement.

The 23-inch, all-in-one, multi-touch computers run without a mouse and keyboard, which HP hopes will allow creation on them to take a more collaborative approach.

Available Feb. 9 The HP TouchSmart Consumer model is priced at $900. Fewer details were given for the 9300 Elite Business model, which is expected in May at a price to be announced.

HP's announcement comes two days before HP's Think Beyond event, where the company is expected to reveal a number of new products.


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