If you were the fairy godfather Jason Buzi, best known as the man behind the @HiddenCash craze, where in New York City would you hide money for treasure hunters to find this weekend?

Buzi, a Palo Alto, California-based real estate investor-and-flipper, has been stashing money for people to unearth in the San Francisco Bay area, and then in Los Angeles, since May 23. He posts on the Twitter account @HiddenCash not only clues to the giveaway whereabouts, but also insights as to his do-gooding drive:

Buzi has, meanwhile, recruited other like-minded souls to help with the money hiding -- presumably enabling this weekend’s expansion to New York, on Saturday, as well as Las Vegas (on Friday), Mexico City and Houston (also on Saturday) and Chicago (on Sunday).

To give you a jump-start on scavenging -- and spreading -- the cash-money love in the world’s financial capital, here are three, admittedly scant, pieces of information we have so far:

1. He’s not picking sides of the East River: Equal opportunity for several boroughs!



2. New York hurt Buzi bad. So think heartbreak or perhaps, given Buzi’s rosy outlook, its opposite: healing.



3. A metal detector might come in handy (on Liberty Island??)

Good luck!