Articles by Catherine Dunn

Catherine Dunn is a senior writer for the International Business Times, covering consumer finance. She previously worked as a reporter for Fortune, and for Corporate Counsel. She also spent five years in Mexico City, where she was managing editor of Inside México, an English-language magazine. Her work has appeared in outlets including PeopleCity LimitsThe Boston Globe, and The Virginian-Pilot.  


Bullets Beyond Recall

A string of faulty product allegations against one of the world’s largest gun manufacturers is reigniting tension between consumer safety and America’s affection for unregulated firearms.

Shopping (And Coping) While Black

African-Americans say the discrimination they face in retail stores remains woefully unexamined. Now, some executives and activists are demanding change.

From Freedom Fries To Je Suis Paris

Republican politicians have long criticized the French for opposing the Iraq War, but are now standing with France in the wake of deadly terrorist attacks.

Banks Should Not Get A 'Free Pass'

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is considering new rules so customers can get their day in court over credit cards and checking accounts.

Rent Too High For Many: Study

Hispanics, millennials and seniors are among those facing burdens in the coming decade, says a study by Harvard and Enterprise Community Partners.

Opinion Maker Reverses On Volkswagen

A respected industry publication pulled its endorsement of two cars after the EPA alleged the German automaker cheated on emissions requirements.