A high school football player in Pennsylvania may face criminal charges after pulling off an opponent’s helmet and using it as a weapon.

The fight took place during last Friday night’s football game between Hamburg High School and Annville-Cleona High School, The Reading Eagle reports. During the third quarter, a struggle for a loose football turned into a brawl, as Hamburg senior Joseph Cominsky pulled the helmet off Annville-Cleona lineman Josh Hartman and used it as a weapon. It is not yet clear exactly what caused the incident.

Cominsky struck Hartman twice in the head with the helmet before he was tackled by Annville-Cleona football players, Deadspin notes. “[Cominsky] kinda flipped out and took the scrum to a completely different level,” Annville-Cleona coach Terry Lehman told PennLive.com. “[Hartman] is okay. He was able to go back into the game, but he has a cut on his head.”

Cominsky and Annville-Cleona player Taylor Prentice were each ejected from the game for their roles in the skirmish, PennLive.com reports. In addition, South Annville Township Police Chief Ben Sutcliffe is considering whether the high school senior will face criminal charges, WGAL-TV reports. According to the television station, Cominsky could face either a misdemeanor or felony charge.

“The police are doing their investigation, and that’s where it stands at this point,” Annville-Cleona athletic director Tommy Long told PennLive.com. “It’s always disappointing when you see something like this. You certainly don’t want to see a situation like this within the lines of a game—football, basketball, wrestling, whatever.”

Hartman escaped the helmet attack without suffering any serious injuries, the Reading Eagle reports. “Our kids really made a positive out of a very horrible negative,” Lehman told PennLive.com. “They really hung in there, came back and played as a team.”

WGAL-TV has a video of Cominsky’s helmet attack on Hartman, which can be viewed here. In addition, we’ve included a report regarding the incident below.