Highmark CEO and President Ken Melani is taking an unpaid leave of absence after trespassing and assault charges were filed against him Wednesday.

Melani went to the townhouse of his girlfriend's husband, Mark Myler, Sunday to fight the man.

According to the criminal complaint, Melani showed up uninvited and ignored about 10 requests to leave and accused his girlfriend, Melissa Myler, of cheating on him. He told her, It's all about my money.

Mark took Melani out to the front porch, where the fight broke out until police arrived. There were conflicting reports about who threw the first punch.

 In a brief meeting that I've had with my client, I have to tell you that I enjoy some optimism that we're going to be able to effectuate a favorable resolution or outcome to this matter, Melani's lawyer, Robert Del Greco, told WTAE.

Melissa Myler told WTAE she and her husband had a social relationship with Melani for a couple of years before Melani hired her at Highmark in October. They began their affair three weeks later.

According to the criminal complaint, Melani's wife discovered the affair in January and told Mark. Melissa then moved out of Mark's house and in with Melani.

Melissa told WTAE she lived with Melani for two months before finding out that he had hired a private investigator to research her. Melissa had a past that he was just finding out about, Melani told police.

She told police she had not reconciled with her husband and did not plan to end her relationship with Melani.