A judge ruled against a conservative group trying to speed up the release of some of Hillary Clinton’s emails related to the 2012 Benghazi attack, according to the Hill. Federal Judge Amit Mehta said it would be potentially risky to release the 242 emails, which are already on track to be released by next February because of a separate lawsuit.

The group conservative group Judicial Watch asked for the 242 emails to be taken from the larger spread of emails set to be released by next February. The emails were either sent or received by Clinton, and were requested under a Freedom of Information Act request from Judicial Watch. The larger spread includes about 55,000 pages of emails Clinton flagged as related to her work.

The Benghazi attacks in Libya left four Americans dead. Clinton has come under scrutiny over how she used her private email server as secretary of state for government business.

Clinton’s presidential campaign has been trying to move past the email scandal, but the effort has proved difficult. More than 35 public records lawsuits have been filed against the State Department relating to Clinton’s emails.

Judicial Watch is also trying to get 87 emails out that were sent during Clinton’s last month working with the State Department in January 2013. The House Benghazi committee didn’t subpoenaed these emails.

Clinton endured an 11 hour hearing from the committee on how she responded from the attacks. Late in the day, Clinton had to defend her use of her private email while in office, CNN reported.

The State Department has released thousands of pages of Clinton’s emails while working in the department. Clinton has handed over her thumb drive and private server, and has also said that she should have had a separate email for her person matters and one for her work matters.