Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and the conservative press have been trying to raise questions about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s health but more than half of voters are not too worried.

U.S. presidents have died of illness while in office, the most recent Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1945 of a cerebral hemorrhage after more than 11 years in office, and the quickest Benjamin Harrison 30 days into office in 1901 after catching pneumonia at his inauguration.

Trump has been questioning Clinton’s “stamina.” He began doing that long before it was revealed Sept. 11 she was suffering from pneumonia, which was responsible for her taking ill at the Sept. 11 memorial ceremony in New York and a coughing fit a few days earlier. A few days later, she was back on the campaign trail.

A YouGov poll conducted Oct. 1-3 indicates 52 percent of those queried think Clinton’s health is good enough to be president, up from 44 percent in a previous survey (Sept. 22-24).

The Washington Post noted the conservative press, led by the Drudge Report, has been trying to fuel speculation about Clinton’s health ever since 2012 when she caught a stomach virus, fell, suffered a concussion and developed a blood clot. The drumbeat has asked whether something is going on with her health. Clinton released a detailed letter from her doctor saying she’s in good health. She takes blood thinners and suffers from hypothyroidism. She also has allergies.

Trump, on the other hand, hasn’t released much about his health beyond some blood work he had Dr. Oz look at on his syndicated television show. His doctor issued a brief letter calling Trump’s health “excellent” but later said he was rushed when he wrote it.

Televangelist Jim Bakker claimed last week Clinton’s bout with pneumonia was a sign from God that a collapse is coming and people better stock up on survivalist supplies, Right Wing Watch reported.

“There’s a collapse coming, much bigger than that collapse,” Bakker said after first asking, “Tell me, is God trying to tell us something?”

He then added: “That was the prophetic signal that that would be, on 9/11, at 9/11 — give me the odds for that happening — where the towers came down 15 years ago to that day. It’s time to be ready.”