Three girls, including two twins, were killed in a hit-and-run collision after a speeding car crashed into them as they were trick-or-treating in the Santa Ana area of California Friday.

Police officials said that the car was a 2001 Honda CRV, which was driving at high speed, and hit the three 13-year-old girls as they were walking in a crosswalk in a residential area, KABC, a local news network, reported. Police officials said that the car was later found abandoned in a parking lot close to the crash location. Officials are now reportedly searching for two men suspected of having killed the girls.

"We do have a witness that followed the vehicle for a short period of time and eventually led us to where the vehicle is parked now," Santa Ana Police Chief Carlos Rojas said, according to KABC.

Jeff Evans, was near the crash and was trick-or-treating with his daughter when he heard the squealing tires and saw the accident, Associated Press, or AP, reported.

"When we got over here, there was already a tarp over two girls," Evans told the Orange County Register, according to the AP.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has said that the Halloween night sees some of the highest number of accidents each year, due to an increased number of people on the roads and the increased prevolence of drunken driving, CNN reported. In 2013, 48 percent of the accidents that occurred on Halloween involved a drunken driver, up from 31 percent on an average day.