On Monday, Hobart City Council aldermen have agreed unanimously to make Elizabeth Mall, the bus mall and Wellington Court smoke-free zones.

They have also decided that outdoor dining areas will also become smoke-free zones from August 1 next year onwards.

This is the first in Australia to implement such a move.

Alderman Ron Christie said that policing is a difficult part of the exercise but Frankston, Victoria has proved to be a success. He said public pressure will ultimately put out the smokers.

Infringement notices can be given but it is not anticipated they will be used in the short term.

Acting Lord Mayor Helen Burnet said she was proud of the council's action.

Aldermen slammed the State Government for not taking the lead, despite repeated pleas, leaving it to councils to take piecemeal action.

They also panned the Local Government Association of Tasmania for opposing the move.

Ald Peter Sexton said the association was in a prime position to facilitate attempts to reduce smoking since Tasmania has the worst smoking rates. Young women smoking are three times higher in Tasmania.

Last year, traders asked for a ban on smoking to address the issue of people gathering outside stores, saying a ban would help move troublemakers out of the mall.

Smoking was banned in council playgrounds and parks in 2008.

The council will consult hotel and retail groups before next year's ban applying to all council-licensed areas, which covers most venues.