Generally, hockey fights are some of the most vicious occurrences that the sports world has to offer. But a recent fight between two semi-pro hockey players ended in a shocking display of sportsmanship.

The incident occurred during a March 8 game in the Quebec Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey, a Canadian semi-pro hockey league. During the action, former NHL prospect Joel Thériault, who wore blue, squared off against Gaby Roch, who wore a white jersey.

Despite Thériault’s advantage in both height and white, Roch stood his ground and fought the larger man for nearly a minute, Sports Illustrated notes. Each fighter connected with dozens of punches before the game’s referees intervened and brought an end to the vicious hockey fight.

However, rather than displaying the bitter attitude of two men who had just spent the last minute beating each other senseless, Thériault and Roch expressed their mutual admiration. The two men exchanged a high-five and hugged each before skating off to their respective penalty boxes.

In the wake of engaging in a hockey tradition that can often turn bloody and involve entire teams in massive brawls, Thériault and Roch’s hug and high-five represents a welcome display of sportsmanship and respect in the wake of that. A video of the hockey fight can be viewed below.