The holidays are the perfect time to get the family together and decorate the house. Besides trimming the Christmas tree, there are lots of ways to create a festive atmosphere and encourage togetherness. And it's even more satisfying to do it yourself. Here's a trove of easy DIY decorating ideas for the holidays, from snowflakes to pom-pom trees to customized ornaments. Grab your scissors and glue gun!



Snowflakes can be made with a variety of materials, such as textile and wood, though paper is the easiest to use. Snowflakes can be used as window clings, wall decorations, tree ornaments and more. Check out these creative ways to use snowflakes, and follow this DIY tutorial to make them with your family during the holidays.

Glass Ornaments


You'll find an abundance of glass ornaments at stores during the holidays, but how about making and decorating your own?  Customize your glass ornaments with glitter and paint and glitz up the tree this year while going easier on your wallet. Follow a tutorial here

Pom-Pom Covered Trees


Who said Christmas trees have to have needles? Change up the look this year by making colorful mini tress with your little ones. All you will need for this project are Styrofoam cones, pom-poms, glue, pins, star ornaments and wire. Check out how to DIY here.

Sock Snowmen


Making snowmen is one of the greatest joys of winter. But when it's too cold or windy to go out and roll one, cute snowmen can still be made by just using socks. The only other materials needed are small buttons, beans, plastic elastics, glue, fleece, googly eyes and markers. Follow a tutorial here