If you've already done the bulk of your holiday shopping, congrats to you, but we've put together our Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Top 10 Must-Buy Gadgets for anybody still procrastinating, or even if you need a few final items. This being Tech & Trend, naturally we've focused on electronics, but there are a couple of food and wine items that could be included in the stocking stuffer department. As objective writers, we've tried to avoid picking items based solely on price, although that is always a consideration. Some of the items are truly unique, or are simply the best in their category/price range. There is a mix of price ranges, from a fun five dollar space camera to a $900 3D HDTV.

Furthermore, we've got items from easy to find retailers like, Best Buy, RadioShack, Brookstone, Apple and Best Buy so you can easily check out their Web sites or the local stores. Included in this list are bluetooth items, tablet computers, smartphone accessories, toys, cameras, video games, and an iPhone among others. While this shopping guide is just that, a guide, the best way to decide on one of these items is to get over to the store to check it out. Start the slideshow to see our holiday gift guide 2011

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