Apple Founder Steve Jobs
Apple Founder Steve Jobs Reuters

Just like the software Apple makes for its many computing devices, Steve Jobs, the bestselling autobiography of Apple's co-founder and cultural icon is ready for an update.

This is just a first or second draft, Steve Jobs author Walter Isaacson told a group of people at a Commonwealth Club of California forum Dec. 14 in San Francisco.

The forum was moderated by Fortune' Senior Editor At-Large Adam Lashinsky, and reported on Isaacson told the group he would add to the 630 page tome already penned, and that he might include annotated notes. Additionally, he Isaacson indicated he may ad more details about the period surrounding Jobs' death, as Isaacson had originally planned to have Jobs read the completed manuscript.

That means Steve Jobs, already on Amazon's top ten bestseller list, would be coming out with a 2.0 version, or if you like, you can wait for the update and not have to buy both. Another tidbit Isaacson revealed was Jobs' unwillingness to discuss his plans for what to do with his enormous wealth after he died. Jobs refused to talk about the issue no matter how much Isaacson pushed him. It is noteworthy that Jobs never joined The Giving Pledge, an informal agreement among some billionaires to give away vast sums of their fortunes. Bill Gates was one of it's creators and Jobs said Gates could spend time thinking about philanthropy because he wasn't busy making good products, Isaacson said.

That Jobs kept his charity giving close to the vest was reported earlier in 2011 in an editorial by the New York Times, and U2 lead singer Bono came to Jobs' defense in that case, when the Times ran Bono's response to that column. Bono said Apple had given millions to fight AIDS in Africa, specifically funding Bono's (Product)RED by selling red iPod models. Let us know in the comments if you have read Steve Jobs or if you are waiting for the update (or the movie).