Jessica Canseco, Nicole Murphy, Sheree Fletcher, Andrea Kelly and Mayte Garcia found common ground last week during the premiere of VH1's newest reality tv show, Hollywood Exes, last week, sharing their personal lives after divorcing from their famous husbands Jose Canseco, Eddie Murphy, Will Smith, R. Kelly and Prince, respectively.

Leading ladies Canseco and Murphy are best friends on the show and in real life, going for vaginal rejuvenation treatment together.

You can't hide your age with your neck, Canseco said, well, you can't hide your age with your vagina.

After Canseco finished her treatment, she rolled over for more, to which Murphy responded, What? You're gonna do your a--hole too?

I want my butth--e to look good, too. If someone's ... down there, they'd better be like, 'wow, that's amazing!' Canseco said.

In addition, Canseco admitted that her unchanged face is not the product of discovering the fountain of youth but rather from having a few cosmetic procedures done.

Fletcher introduces Kelly to LA, who moved there from Chicago. The duo visit the Spinkles Cupcakes ATM machine and other Los Angeles hot spots. Kelly and her assistant Tony take us into her home, which houses a huge shoe collection of luxury brands, for her Wigging Out party. Then, the world meets Garcia, who lives with her funny, hot-tempered mother and a myriad of pets.

Hollywood Exes airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. EST on VH1. In case you missed the premiere, you can watch the full episode below.