For a mere $349,000, you can purchase and live in a piece of rock 'n' roll history: the Long Branch, N.J., cottage where the state’s native son Bruce Springsteen spent two years writing his breakthrough musical homage to America’s free-wheeling nature, “Born To Run,” considered one of the greatest rock albums of all time.

Springsteen, who was born in Long Branch, was just 24 when he moved into the cottage near the Jersey shore in 1974, long before the guidos and guidettes of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” helped turn the region into a caricature of bridge-and-tunnel Italian-American stereotypes.

The five-room home located at 7½ West End Court is about two blocks from the beach. The home has three owners, including the unnamed resident who is seeking to move out after getting married, according to the Ashbury Park Press. The other two owners would consider keeping their stake in the property.

Fans of the Boss, as Springsteen is known, have been known to seek out the home during musically oriented fan tours. The most famous of these pilgrims was Bob Dylan, who was arrested in August 2009 by an officer who didn’t recognize the “disheveled, rain-soaked” icon he was putting into handcuffs, according to ABC. Dylan was reportedly seeking out the home during one of his concert tours in order to get a feel for the environment that helped Springsteen paint an audio masterpiece of a time and place in American history.

Perhaps a new homebuyer will get the same inspiration. But whatever the case, he or she will probably have to deal with the occasional Springsteen fan seeking the same insight Dylan was searching for on that rainy late summer day on the Jersey shore.