Honda Motor Co. is recalling 962,000 Fit, CR-V Crossover and Fit Aria vehicles worldwide because of defects in power windows and computer systems.

The recall will take place in North America, Asia, Europe and Africa, said the company.

The Fit is known as Jazz in some overseas markets, whereas Fit Aria is known as Honda City.

Honda said no accidents due to the power window and computer system problems had been reported to date, but it said it wanted to alert its customers about the potential dangers.

In August, Honda recalled 2.3 million 2005-2010 4-cylinder Accord, 2007-2010 CR-V and 2005-2008 Element vehicles to install an updated version of the software that controls automatic transmission.

Honda also announced recall of 80,111 CR-V vehicles (2006 model) from the U.S. to replace the power window master switch. The design flaw of the master window switch allows it to accumulate residue from interior cleaners which, with repeated use, can cause the electrical contacts to degrade and may possibly cause a fire.

Global recall of 26,000 Honda CR-Z compact hybrids will also take place due to programming problems with the engine control unit.

Honda would bear the cost of the replacement, said Jonfis Fandy, marketing and after-sales service director of Honda Prospect Motor.

The company projected an expense of ¥1.29 billion ($16.8 million) in Japan for the recall. However, it declined to elaborate on the costs that will be caused by the overseas recalls.

Honda will notify its customers about the recall in the coming weeks.

A series of recalls made by Honda this year generated major backlash among its customers but has managed to boost its competitors in Japan to bounce back from the production disruption caused by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.