Most people are expecting less business opportunities in the third quarter due to the financial downturn, however, they are generally optimistic about the job situation, Hong Kong officials said on Friday.

Hong Kong's Census & Statistics Department on Friday released its Quarterly Business Tendency Survey findings, in which 28% of respondents expected the business environment to worsen, while 20% expected an improvement in job situation.

The accommodation and food services sector has the most unfavorable business outlook, with more than 60% of respondents expecting business to deteriorate. The transportation, storage and courier services sector followed.

Discernible improvements are expected for the business situation in the information and communications, and financing and insurance sectors. More respondents in these two sectors expect a business boost, the report said.

Respondents in most sectors have indicated an improvement in their employment outlook.

Most sectors also expect their selling price and service charges to remain broadly the same in the third quarter.