When you think of hotel amenities, you envision a king-sized bed, spa bathroom and cable television, but one hotel chain is adding a completely new set of amenities to its list, including free music, an electric guitar, and a DJ system.

Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos' new plan to lure in melomaniacs is currently on offer in San Diego, Chicago, Orlando, and Biloxi, and will launch globally beginning early 2012.

We were looking for a way to differentiate ourselves from the competition, Brian Klein, Head of Global Marketing for Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos, told the International Business Times. We have this relationship with music and we want to rock the world and rock the guest experience. The program is a natural extension of how we can bring unique experiences to our properties so you have a branded experience the moment you cross the threshold.

The Sound of Your Stay program includes three elements: tracks., picks., and mix.

At check-in, guests receive a code to download one of three 15-song playlists, offering a sonic guide for their Hard Rock experience. The tracks. download amenity program has been around for two years and is curated by celebrities and industry pros like Perez Hilton and Pete Wentz. It's included 52 Grammy nominated artists in its five previous volumes and volume 6 will be curated by DFA Records.

Klein claims Hard Rock's tracks. have showcased several acts before they broke out like Robyn, Florence + the Machine, and Cobra Starship.

In partnership with Fender, the picks. program allows guests to choose from a selection of Fender guitars, including Stratocasters, Telecasters, and basses. The guitar is delivered like room service along with a headphone amp and high-def SOUL by Ludacris headphones.

When a guest checks in we tell them all about the program, Klein said. If they're interested, they sign a waiver and a credit card deposit.

The equipment on loan is worth up to $1,500, but Klein said they haven't lost any equipment to date.

The third and final part of The Sound of Your Stay amenity program is mix.

Guests can literally turn their room into a club by having one of several Traktor Kontrol S2 systems delivered to their room along with a 30-day demo version of Traktor Pro 2 software to load on their PC or Mac. This too comes with a pair of SOUL by Ludacris headphones to keep the party localized. Dubstop will even provide complimentary video lessons to help unleash guests' inner DJ.

The mix. program is currently being beta tested, but will be implemented soon at all Hard Rock Hotel properties.

With 15 Hotels/Casinos around the world, there are plenty of opportunities to check in and unleash your inner musician.