May the Force be with parents around the world this holiday shopping season as they look for the perfect toys to make their kids happy. This year’s top items take their lead from Hollywood, with tie-ins to “Star Wars” and “Jurassic World” high on people’s lists.

Classic toys parents will recognize have made a comeback this year. Barbie heads the list for girls, beating out last year’s favorite, toys tied to Disney’s “Frozen,” the National Retail Federation reported. For boys, Lego and "Star Wars" take this year’s top rankings; those toys appear on the top 10 list for girls as well.

On the pricier side, robotic and voice-activated toys tied to "Star Wars" lead the pack. Spin Master's Millennium Falcon and Sphero’s BB-8 are both predicted to sell out.

But movies aren’t the only toy inspirations this year. Videos that went viral of people playing Pie Face have helped the board game take off, with some retailers already sold out of it, Bloomberg reported.

Retailer Toys R Us put out its list of top 15 toys, which includes a “Star Wars” R2-D2 Interactive Robotic Droid, Barbie Saddle 'n Ride Horse and "Guitar Hero Live." Both Target and Amazon break down their top gifts by age and price.

Analysts predict the toy industry will have a great 2015 holiday season thanks to several popular items.

“What’s really interesting to me this year is that there isn’t one or two really nice-selling properties,” said Juli Lennett, senior vice president of the U.S. toys division at NPD, speaking with CNBC. “[That's] probably why the industry’s up 7 percent.”

With approximately 46 percent of purchases expected to be made online this year, Fortune magazine has taken a cautionary approach and listed the worst toys — those that could be dangerous — as chosen by safety watchdog group World Against Toys Causing Harm.