It’s 2016 and the stakes are higher than ever before — especially with an election underway.

When “House of Cards” returns to Netflix with its fourth season, fans will follow along as President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) attempts to get reelected as the United States’ Commander-in-Chief. But before audiences find out if Frank won over the American people, here’s the drama that led up to the anticipated Season 4 premiere, which is set to air on Friday, March 4.

Season 3 of Beau Willimon’s political thriller focused on Frank and Claire’s (Robin Wright) deteriorating marriage. Throughout the installment, Frank continuously belittled his wife (and partner in literal crime), putting his needs and career before her. This left Claire feeling inferior — especially when Frank demanded that Claire keep her mouth shut and continue her duties as First Lady.

But Claire showed her husband just how bold, brave and cunning she could be in the Season 3 finale, titled “Chapter 39.” Following Frank’s Iowa caucus win, she told her power-hungry husband that she would not be accompanying him to New Hampshire to celebrate his victory.

“Yes, you are. I’ll see you in the car,” he barked. But Claire didn’t waver. Instead, she told her husband that she was leaving him. And so she did … as Frank desperately called her name while she walked out the White House.

But the finale didn’t just solely focus on Frank and Claire’s splintering relationship. “Chapter 39” also told the warped storyline of Stamper (Michael Kelly) and Rachel (Rachel Brosnahan). In Season 2, Rachel had beaten Stamper unconscious with a rock after he kidnapped her. Infuriated that she left him for dead in the middle of the woods, Stamper enlisted in the help of Gavin (Jimmi Simpson), a skilled hacker, to track her down in Season 3.

Gavin did, revealing that Rachel has started a new life for herself, taking on the identity of Cassie Lockhart. When Stamper did finally find her in the Season 3 finale, she pleaded for her life, claiming that she had no desire to divulge the political corruptness that she witnessed in Washington, D.C. But despite vowing to stay tight-lipped, Stamper decided that she must be killed. Rachel continued to plead for her life, proving why she wasn't a threat. Flooded with feelings of empathy, Stamper let her go … briefly that is. Frank’s right hand man quickly changed his mind, realizing that he had to take care of business once and for all. He returned for Rachel where he left her on the side of the road. The next scene showed Stamper digging a grave in the desert.

Netflix will stream Season 4 of “House of Cards” on Friday, March 4, at 3:01 a.m. EST.