The House of Representatives passed a two-week budget extension on Tuesday, averting a shutdown that would have begun on March 4.

The House passed the extension, known as a continuing resolution, with a vote of 335-91. The bill, which is expected to be approved by the Senate, will cut federal spending by $4 billion during the period.

Democrats, who control the U.S. Senate, initially rejected a bill passed by the Republican-controlled House that would have cut $62 billion for the last seven months remaining in the fiscal 2011 budget. Members of both parties will debate what to do about the 6 months remaining in the fiscal year.

Congress did not pass a year-long budget last year after Democrats and Republicans failed to agree on one.

Stopgap measures like the one approved in the House today are only needed because the Democrats who run Washington failed to pass a budget last year, House Speaker John Boehner said on Tuesday..

Senate Majority Leader Harry said the bill would be ready for President Obama to sign within 48 hours.

We'll pass this and then look at funding the government on a long-term, Reid said.