Apple’s next generation iPhone— iPhone 5 which is rumoured to launch in september this year, can rule the smartphone market, if it walks in, with the following features in it.

Apple needs to double on the ultra-high speed technology to beat its competitors in the market which are capable of supporting 4G network—Android powered HTC and the new Google Nexus 4G. AT&T reportedly has a 4G network up and running in 2011, whereas Sprint has already rolled out its next-gen network. Verizon has also deployed its 4G network. Apple had announced its plans of expanding iPhones into more carriers and hence, it should come with a smartphone that is 4G-compatible.

Apple should release iPhone 5 as a 'worldphone', with both GSM and CDMA compatibility. It is conjectured that the phone will have a SIM-less design with 3-4 antennas.Another rumor suggested, that the iPhone 5 will feature a SIM card slot for other countries except US. This will allow users to insert any SIM card in iPhone when traveling abroad.

Google has recently come up with Google Wallet- a mobile-payment service that utilizes near-field communication. Very few Smatphones support NFC technology and payment processors are yet to roll out support for it in enough places to make it a mainstream success. If Apple comes with NFC support and a Google Wallet competitor in iPhone 5, it could sport a strong hold on the market.

Apple should launch cheaper version of iPhone to tap emerging markets of its competitor and boost its presence in the international market. Earlier this month, Apple COO Tim Cook had announced that the company doesn’t want to restrict itself to the rich, and also admitted that it was working on lower-priced offerings.
Apple may be launching a low-cost iPhone along with its iPhone 5 to boost its presence in emerging markets.
We believe this price-point can be met, allowing Apple to attack the midrange and extend its emerging/prepaid market reach, the analyst added.

Currently iPhone 4 has a popular camera, according to photo sharing site Flickr. iPhone5 is rumored to come with a dual LED flash support. It has been reported that OmniVision has received an order from Apple for the supply of 8 MP camera sensors. DigiTimes has reported that OmniVision will supply about 90 percent of image sensors for the Apple iPhone 5.

Apple has to come with a great battery life in iPhone 5 as Apple has a record of improving battery life with its every new product. The iPhone 4 has 40 percent more talk time than the iPhone 3GS.
There are expectations that the upcoming iPhone should improve on its battery metrics to handle its sophisticated features. iPhone 4 offers talktime of up to 7 hours on 3G; up to 14 hours on 2G (GSM model only) and standby time of up to 300 hours. On internet usage, the device offers up to 6 hours on 3G and up to 10 hours on Wi-Fi.