The dust has finally settled after Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa's Twitter war last week. During the spat, the "Real Friends" rapper took aim at Khalifa's career, as well as his personal life, attacking his relationship with Amber Rose. The model fired back on the social media platform, leaving fans awaiting a Kardashian salvo that never came.

In fact, rather than further the feud, Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose teamed up to squash it. According to E! Online, the star of E!'s "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" called her husband's former girlfriend in the hopes of preventing any more problems or rumors. It is not clear what Kim, 35, said to Amber Rose, but it must have been enough to bring these two together.

"Kim called Amber directly and squashed this beef once and for all," a source close to Amber said.

As was reported by Daily Beast, Amber and Kim shocked the world on Monday when they each posted the same photo of one another on Instagram. The reality star captioned her photo, "Tea anyone?" while Amber Rose opted for a more scandalous caption. While the photo offered little information about their relationship, most fans perceived it as a sign that the duo have put Kanye's beef with Amber Rose behind them.


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Although Amber Rose appears to have made amends with Mrs. West, there seems to be no love lost between her and her ex-boyfriend. On Jan. 28 the Philadelphia native appeared on the "Allegedly" podcast (via TMZ), where she called Kanye, 38, "f---ing ridiculous" and "a clown" for bringing her son Sebastian into his feud with Khalifa, 28. While she was clearly angered by his comments she did not seem surprised, telling listeners his harsh word choice and decision to bash a child "shows the type of person he is."

The tweets in question were posted on the social media site on Jan. 27, days after Khalifa expressed his distaste for West's latest album title. The father of two told followers he was "the best thing that's ever made music," but was not above being petty. He suggested that Khalifa's style and flow were stolen from Kid Cudi before calling his first single "corny as f---." West moved from Khalifa's music to his personal life, tweeting that he allowed a stripper to trap him. He joked that Khalifa must be angry whenever he looks at his son, who he claimed would not be alive if he and Amber Rose had not broken up in 2010. Amber Rose later fired back, launching some allegations about the rapper that have since become known as the booty fingers tweets. West denied their was any validity to Amber Rose's comments.