Your favorite, Greek family is back!

On Friday, the Portokalos’ and Miller’s will reunite on the big screen for the premiere of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” — a sequel based on the Oscar-nominated romantic comedy, which first hit theaters in 2002.

The upcoming rom-com will feature another wedding and this time it will be “even bigger and fatter” than before. The storyline will also explore the marriage of Toula (Nia Vardalos) and Ian (John Corbett) who are currently facing marital problems and coping with their daughter leaving for college.

But before fans find out what the future holds for the Windex-spraying brood, take a look at what happened when we last saw Toula, Ian and their vivacious family.

On the morning of the Toula and Ian’s wedding, the entire Portokalos clan was present to help Toula prepare for her big day … which included helping the bride get rid of her wedding day blemish! But not even a pimple, an over-the-top wedding dress or face full of makeup could ruin Toula’s big day.

After the nuptials, Toula and Ian hightailed it to their reception, which was filled with family and friends, music and shots! But the party took a sentimental turn when Gus (Michael Constantine) took center stage to give a toast to the bride and groom. The heartfelt speech welcomed the Millers into their family, revealing that their name stems from the Greek word apple, while Portokalos stems from the Greek word orange.

“So, ok, here tonight we have apple and orange. We all different but in the end, we all fruit,” he said, scoring laughs from the crowd.

After the sweet speech, Gus present his daughter and son-in-law with a present — a deed to a new home. The newlyweds were touched by the gesture and it was later revealed in the movie that the house just happens to be located right next to Toula’s parents.

As the film ends, an epilogue flashes to the couple’s life six years in the future. Toula and Ian have a daughter who is attending Greek school and not to happy about it. But Toula promises her that although she’ll need to learn about her heritage, she has her parents’ permission to marry anyone she chooses. (Toula was given a hard time by her family for wanting to date Ian, an Anglo-Saxon Protestant.)

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” hits theaters on Friday, March 25.