“Total War: Rome 2” has had its share of problems since its launch on Tuesday. Many gamers have complained about low framerates, numerous bugs and severely weak AI in certain situations. But now a new problem has arisen; Martian-esque red skies.

Many gamers are complaining about a “red skies” issue in “Total War: Rome 2” that makes it appear as if you're trying to conquer Mars instead of Earth. Check out the screenshot below to see what we mean.


A Creative Assembly employee has assured that a fix is in the works, but an official patch has yet to be released.


However, a beta “Total War: Rome 2” red skies fix has been deployed, and more than a few players have reported that it fixes the glitch entirely. Here's how to download the “Total War: Rome 2” red skies beta patch.

“In your steam game library, right click Total War: Rome II. Then choose Properties and select the BETAS tab. Finally select “patch1hotfix” from the drop down list.”


The instructions are courtesy of Creative Assembly. Creative Assembly also warns that using beta patches comes with risks, so you've officially been cautioned. If you want to do everything you can to avoid complications, wait for the official release. It's worth noting, though, that gamers are reporting success with the "Total War: Rome 2" beta red skies fix.


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