How To Get Away With Murder” Season 1 episode 6 was personal for everyone. Annalise (Viola Davis) was helping a man appeal his death sentence, framing Griffin (Lenny Platt) for Lila’s murder and saving her husband Sam (Tom Verica). However, she was also included in her first flash forward this week, and it looks like Annalise is going to hit the breaking point soon.

This week’s case was important for Asher (Matt McGorry) because it involved his father. His dad was the judge that sentenced their client to death, and Asher didn’t want to admit that his father could have gotten his job as a federal judge by doing shady favors for senators. Yet his father couldn’t deny the accusations when he brought them up. Asher gave Annalise all the information she needed in exchange for two things: not bringing his dad into the case and the trophy. Asher helped her convince the court that a senator paid off one of the witnesses who testified.

In the flash forwards, Asher was seen getting ready for the bonfire. He was putting on facepaint and tossing money around. As he spoke to a friend on the phone, he said that he didn’t have to worry about the exam because he had the trophy—but he didn’t have the trophy. He quickly realized that the trophy was missing and went to Annalise’s house. None of the group answered when he knocked on the door, but that wasn’t his only run in with them. He walked out in front of their car when he got a call. He didn’t even notice that it was his classmates in the SUV with Sam's body and went on his way.

He was apparently on his was to Bonnie (Liza Weil). As he angrily looked through the group’s pictures from the bonfire, Bonnie took his attention away from the phone. She was in bed with him.

“You know you can’t tell them about this. This never happened, understand?” Bonnie asked.

They were interrupted by a phone call on Bonnie’s phone. Annalise asked her if she knew where Sam was. Bonnie didn’t know anything and asked what was wrong.

“Something terrible’s happened,” Annalise said. She was in her house, and the carpet was gone.

In the present day, Annalise was protecting Sam. In order to get Wes (Alfred Enoch) back on her team, she had to get Rebecca (Katie Findlay) back to town.

“The idea that I don’t have her best interests at heart is only in your head,” Annalise said.

“So prove it -- whatever it takes -- or I swear to god I’ll tell the police everything,” Wes said.

So Annalise did what she had to. That ultimately involved tampering with the phone to remove personal information (like all contact Lila had with Sam) and planting it in Griffin’s car. After the police found the phone, they decided that Griffin was the main suspect.

This didn’t exactly sit well with Rebecca. She knew that Griffin didn’t know about the pictures of Sam on Lila’s phone. If he killed her, that wasn’t his motive. Annalise gave Wes her address, and he tried to explain that this was a good thing. “Unless you’re lying to me, I don’t think you should go to jail for something you didn’t do,” Wes said.

Sam got home in time to hear a news story about the phone being discovered. The news anchor reported that Griffin found naked pictures of a man on Lila’s phone. It broke their virginity pact, which gave him motive to kill her. However, investigators were still looking for the man in the pictures.

Conveniently, Annalise changed the wallpaper that was in the background of those photos, but Sam didn’t understand why she was going to great lengths to protect him. “After everything you’ve done to me -- lying to me, screwing that girl -- I need you,” Annalise said as she broke down crying. She admitted that she still loved her husband.

After Annalise's break down, it was right back to work. Rebecca and Wes came over to go over Rebecca’s case, but they were being watched. Detective Nate Leahy (Billy Brown) was back at work, but he was watching Professor Keating now. While he was watching Annalise's house from across the street, a photographer sent him pictures of Frank (Charlie Weber) putting the phone in Griffin’s car. Nate could ruin their case.

“How To Get Away With Murder” Season 1 airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC. What do you think will tip off Annalise that something is wrong with her husband in the future? Is it the carpet or something more? Sound off in the comments section below!