How To Get Away With Murder” Season 1 episode 5, titled “We’re Not Friends,” gave Annalise (Viola Davis) a case with an admitted murderer. Yet as always, her private life turned out to be much more interesting than her current case. After finding a naked photo of Sam (Tom Verica) on Lila’s phone, she confronted her husband.

Annalise had Sam cornered and he had to admit to the affair. He claimed that Lila was in his summer class and that she hit on him. Annalise had plenty of questions. She asked how many times they were together, but he couldn’t remember. He guessed six or seven times. Then Annalise asked why he lied.

“I was afraid you’d think I hurt her, and I could never do that. You know that,” Sam said.

Annalise wasn't so sure that she knew that. Sam claimed Lila was “persistent.” She had problems with her family and her boyfriend that she wanted to talk about. Annalise accused him of preferring weak, broken women, and he denied it.

“Tell that to your first wife,” Annalise spat.

It was implied that Sam met Annalise when he was married to another woman. It looks like Annalise was the other woman first. She didn’t know what was true. Sam kept trying to hold her and pinned her down to the bed before Annalise pushed him off of her. “Get out!” she yelled.

Without being sure of her husband’s involvement, she refused to turn the phone in to the authorities, much to Wes’ (Alfred Enoch) confusion. The evidence was piling up against Sam, and Nate (Billy Brown) didn’t help Annalise believe in her husband. After Bonnie (Liza Weil) got him fired, Nate told Annalise that he lied in a previous episode of "How To Get Away With Murder." Her husband didn’t have an alibi on the night Lila died.

“Were you at Yale when Lila was murdered?” Annalise asked.

“No,” Sam admitted. “She was upset when she called me, said she was going to do something to hurt herself.”

He apologized for cheating and lying. However, they didn't have time to fight again. Annalise told him that Rebecca (Katie Findlay) was coming over. She told her that Sam was doing a psych evaluation, but really they were looking for information Lila may have shared about Sam. Lila never gave any identifying details about her lover. She simply told Rebecca that he was married and called him Mr. Darcy, but that was all Rebecca said she knew.

“She probably got sick of him and broke it off, so he killed her,” Rebecca said.

Sam noted that Rebecca admitted to being paranoid at the beginning of their session. He said that theory could easily be attributed to her paranoia. But he had to say something to contradict her since his wife was listening. Annalise listened to the whole conversation from her computer. Sam wasn’t sure that Rebecca helped his case, but Sam needed to know if Annalise believed him. At this point, she couldn’t figure out what she believed.

Rebecca seemed to be ditching town after the evaluation. Wes found her apartment abandoned and a phone call revealed that Rebecca was very scared. “Did you know?” she asked. “That they were in on it together? Did you know?”

She told Wes to look at the wallpaper. Wes snuck into Annalise’s house (which is apparently never locked) and realized the wallpaper in Annalise’s house was in the naked photo on Lila's phone. His professor was shocked to see him, but Wes wasn’t shy about confronting her. He knew the naked photo (which didn't reveal the exposed person's face) was Sam, and he knew that was why they weren't handing in Lila's phone.

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