“How To Get Away With Murder” Season 1 episode 7 made plenty of revelations. The episode finally explored Rebecca’s (Katie Findlay) case and her relationship with Wes (Alfred Enoch), and a second autopsy for Lila (Megan West) brought a major game changer for everyone.

While preparing for court, Rebecca joked about doing drugs and hooking up with Griffin (Lenny Platt), but it stopped being funny when someone leaked a similar rumor to the press. Since Griffin was a devout Christian with a virginity pledge, Rebecca was painted as a villain. Annalise (Viola Davis) got a gag order for everyone so no one was allowed to leak details to the press.

Rebecca still wasn’t taking anything to seriously, and Wes tried to tell her that he wasn’t some rich prep kid who didn’t understand her. He went to community college and night school, and he thought she could do that too. She didn’t have to be a criminal, but he didn’t think he was getting through to her.

“I’ll stop trying to change you or whatever it is you think I’m trying to do,” Wes said.

“No, don’t. You should keep trying,” Rebecca said. He almost kissed her, but she ran away.

Back in the courtroom, Griffin’s lawyer wanted Lila’s body dug up and reexamined. They thought that some marks on her neck had to be from Rebecca’s fingernails. It would prove that Rebecca killed Lila, but Laurel (Karla Souza) convinced Mrs. Stangard to prevent the body from being examined again.

In an effort to prevent Griffin from making some sort of deal, Annalise had Rebecca violate the gag order. She went to a newspaper and claimed Griffin raped her. The judge was angry, but it seems that Annalise was able to play it off as Rebecca not understanding the terms of a gag order. However, the judge had other bad news—Lila’s body needed a second autopsy.

Wes was mad that Rebecca lied in the courtroom. He said he wanted to help her better her life and she kissed him. In the show’s creepiest sex scene yet, Wes explored Rebecca’s body while the camera cut to a medical examiner opening up Lila’s dead body.

Later, Rebecca went to a convenience store looking for Wes’ favorite ice cream. She was approached by Nate (Billy Brown). She wanted to run from him, but he had a tempting offer.

“I know you didn’t kill Lila Stangard,” Nate said. “We both know who did. Help me catch him.”

It seems like he is implying that Sam (Tom Verica) killed Lila, and the medical examiner is about to add one more piece of evidence against Sam. The marks on her neck were just bug bites, so Rebecca was in the clear -- but Lila was six weeks pregnant when she died. If Griffin was a virgin as he claimed, Sam would be the father.

But Sam will be dead soon too. In flash forwards, Rebecca was covered in Sam’s blood and had to be carried out of Annalise’s house after Wes cleaned her up.

“I had to kill him. He was going to kill me,” Rebecca said.

She said that she hit him in the head with the trophy and she wasn’t sorry about it. She also said that she was already going to jail and she didn’t want Wes to go too. It seemed like Rebecca was admitting to killing Sam, but the promo claimed we won’t know his killer until next week.

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