“How To Get Away With Murder” delved into Asher’s (Matt McGorry) character in episode 6. Viewers discovered where he was on the night of Sam’s murder, his sexy secret hook ups with Bonnie and his damaged relationship with his father. However, some fans are hoping for yet another secret to be revealed -- could Asher be gay?

McGorry sounded off on the rumors his character might have a fling with Connor (Jack Falahee), “I know [they have fans]! I like their relationship,” McGorry told TV Guide. “It's a bit more of the same in the next few [episodes]. I think he's a little amazed and a little ignorant about the gay community. He's not homophobic; he's just uneducated. And Asher loves to get laid and is sort of a little jealous -- not that he wants to be having sex with men, at least not that we know of yet -- but that this comes so easily in this world whereas he has to work a little harder for it.”

It sounds like McGorry is open to the possibility Asher could be gay. He doesn't appear to be quite convinced Connor and Asher will ever be a couple, but Asher is definitely intrigued by Connor’s sexuality.

“It's a cool and interesting territory for him,” McGorry said. “I hope to see him have realizations of his previous notions of what it's like to be a gay man being blown open. I like characters being challenged.”

The “Orange Is The New Black” actor seems to like the element of surprise, which might give some Connor/Asher supporters hope. When he discovered Asher and Bonnie were sleeping together, McGorry tried to foreshadow it in his performance, but all loving glances were cut out to shock the audience.

“Those moments that they don't put in there really allow you to take a bigger turn,” McGorry explained. “Plus, we didn't really share scenes together until now. Getting to see that [scene in bed] is really crazy, but it also makes a lot of sense.”

Audiences won’t be able to make too much sense of that hookup until episode 9 -- around the same time Sam’s killer will be revealed, according to the promo.

“Episode 9 will show a little bit more of how that came to be,” McGorry said. “That's a crazy episode. But yeah, it's such a great shock. You see them hanging out and then you're like, 'What the f--- happened?!' The night of the bonfire -- no pun intended.”

“How To Get Away With Murder” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC. What do you want to see more: Asher and Bonnie or Asher and Connor? Sound off in the comments section below!