As the Keating Five continues to unravel, Wes' (Alfred Enoch) investigation into his girlfriend's whereabouts hits a snag in Season 2, episode 5 of ABC's "How to Get Away With Murder." Wes teams up with Levi (Matt Cohen) in episode 3 when he reveals to the hopeful lawyer that not only is he Rebecca's (Katie Findlay) foster brother, he's also Eggs 911. The duo dedicate themselves to finding Rebecca, which leads them to a graveyard not far from Middleton University -- where they believe the girl's body was dumped by Frank (Charlie Weber), though they have little proof.

During episode 5 Wes and Levi confront a former friend of Frank's, employed by the graveyard. When they arrive on the scene he's raking leaves. They approach him and, to Wes' surprise, Levi pulls out a gun. He begins questioning the man about his relationship with Frank as well as phone calls made between Frank and the man's sister on the night Rebecca disappeared. Initially he's afraid to talk, but eases up when Wes intervenes, promising "no one's getting shot." He directs them to a storage locker, telling them he gave Frank the key. Later that day Wes returns to the house to work on the Hapstall case with the Keating Five and sees Frank's keys conveniently resting on a desk in the main sitting area. He seizes the opportunity to grab the storage locker key, slipping it into his pocket, and gets back to work. When his investigating is done for the day he sneaks away to meet Levi, but is confronted by his classmates during the meet-up. Michaela (Aja Naomi King) and the others question Wes and Levi's relationship, at which time he is forced to divulge to them the connection between Levi and Rebecca.

After explaining the link the group sees flashing lights, which creates panic. The police exit their vehicles and approach Levi, asking questions about his vehicle. He declines their request for a search, but quickly learns that they've already obtained warrants. They pop the trunk and find pounds of meth, which leads to Levi's swift arrest. With Levi taken away in handcuffs, Annalise Keating's (Viola Davis) star students decide to open the storage locker together, where they see nothing but the suitcase into which Rebecca's body was stuffed during Season 1. Wes takes one for the team, opening the piece of luggage, but what's inside catches him and the crew off guard. The suitcase is filled with cash. The group splits up, leaving Wes alone in the locker. 

Although Wes and Levi's wild search for Rebecca was the main focus of episode 5, other noteworthy events took place. Here are the six most important moments:

  • Asher (Matt McGorry) has a change of heart about turning in Annalise and his classmates. He meets with his father and lawyer one more time, where he is presented with a new deal, promising total immunity should his testimony lead to an arrest in the murder of Sam Keating (Tom Verica). He discusses the deal with his father, learning that the only reason he decided to help him was to get himself out of trouble stemming from an old case.
  • The Keating Five try ceaselessly to prove that Caleb (Kendrick Sampson) and Catherine (Amy Okuda) Hapstall's aunt, who testified that they killed their parents, lied in her testimony. They uncover video from the morning after the murders where the adopted siblings' aunt can be heard spewing racial slurs, telling the police she heard nothing but those "halfbreeds" aren't to be trusted. Caleb happens to walk into Annalise's home, which also doubles as her legal practice, as the video is being watched. He is clearly upset by his aunt's harsh words.
  • With Oliver's (Conrad Ricamora) help the Keating Five are able to obtain the audio from a deleted portion of the police video. Annalise presents the audio in court, but it is quickly dismissed as the judge suspects she obtained it illegally. This put Oliver in jeopardy of being caught and facing legal consequences. 
  • Annalise comes clean to Nate (Billy Brown) about her meeting with his wife. She shares with him that she was asked to obtain pills that would allow her to kill herself, but declined to get them. She also discloses to him new information about Sam's death, pinning it on Bonnie (Liza Wiel) and claiming Sam tried to rape her. Nate is hurt when Annalise claims Sam was killed trying to protect Bonnie as he feels she did nothing to protect him.
  • Bonnie meets with Asher in a desperate attempt to change his mind about testifying. She is unable to sway him and places an emotionally charged phone call to Annalise. She shares with her that her attempt was unsuccessful, which sends Annalise racing to plan her next move. She arrives at Asher's apartment where she storms in and forces him to watch old video footage of Bonnie being molested by her father as a child.
  • A flashback at the end of the episode show's Frank, who is on to both Wes and Levi, talking to the cemetery worker. He warns him that the pair will likely come by and question him and tells him to deliver the storage locker story. Viewers also learn that he staged the drug bust, which left Levi behind bars.