After a full season of waiting, viewers finally learned Thursday who received the Eggs 911 text on ABC’s “How to Get Away With Murder.” The text was sent in Season 1 shortly before Rebecca (Kate Findlay) was murdered. After discovering the message in her phone, Michaela (Aja Naomi King) spent the remainder of Season 1 and early bits of Season 2 trying to uncover the receiver’s identity -- with little luck. Fortunately, that all changes in episode 3 with a little help from Wes (Alfred Enoch).

Early in the show viewers learn that after turning down his advances in episode 2, Michaela decided to bring Levi (Matt Cohen) home. The pair are shown rolling around in the sheets, engaged in a passionate make-out session, before she kicks him out. He attempts to convince her to let him stay, but his efforts are futile. Michaela returns to her work, focusing on the new case presented to her and the rest of the Keating Five, in which they’ve been asked to represent a sex worker accused of killing her lover. In addition to that difficult case, she and the rest of the gang are still trying tirelessly to prove the innocence of the Halstad siblings, whom the prosecution claims killed their mother and their aunt. Amid the chaos she sets another date with Levi, only to realize that she’s promised to cook for him and has yet to purchase any food. She jets off to prepare for her date, but her new romantic interest isn’t sitting right with Wes.

The star law student begins running through his memory bank, trying to recall where he’s seen Levi before. Suddenly he recalls one of Rebecca’s old photos in which the handsome stranger can be seen standing close by her. Wes rushes off to find him and confronts him about his relationship with his former girlfriend. During their confrontation it’s revealed that Levi is Eggs 911. He shares with Wes that he and Rebecca are foster siblings, adding that Eggs was a childhood nickname. Levi claims he wants to get to the bottom of Rebecca’s murder and paints a picture in which Annalise (Viola Davis) may be the culprit. This sparks something in Wes’ mind, causing him to run back through the many times his Middleton University professor has mentioned his relationship with his former suitor.

Although this revelation is the major takeaway from episode 3 of “HTGAWM” there were several other moments worth holding onto for later. Here are some noteworthy developments from Thursday night’s episode:

  • The episode opens back at the Halstad siblings’s mansion with Nate (Billy Brown) placing a call to Annalise as she lies dying on the floor. She is unable to reach him, but he leaves a voice message urging her to call back. She then takes what appears to be her last breath -- but could Annalise really be dead?
  • Annalise continues to work hard to prove the innocence of Catherine and Caleb Halstad, but new evidence threatens to cost her the case. After spending an entire night up drinking and going over evidence, Annalise and the Keating Five learn that the Halstad siblings have had a romantic relationship, though they refuse to admit it.
  • The tape recorder Annalise was using during her late-night investigating goes missing after a mishap involving her, Wes and a mouse. It is later revealed that the recorder was stolen by one of her own. Asher is show meeting up with the prosecution to pick up the recorder.
  • Annalise agrees to represent a sex worker who the prosecution claims killed her lover out of jealousy. She later learns that her client is guilty, but the sex worker maintains that it was a crime of passion. She says she never intended for her lover to die, she simply hoped a health scare would awaken his wife to “who he really was.”
  • At episode’s close, "HTGAWM" returns to the Halstad mansion. The Keating Five are shown lurking in the shadows outside as a car drives up. The driver of the car turns out to be Nate, who loads them each into his car and drives them to saftey.

“HTGAWM” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.